| Hearing Test

Hearing Test

Hearing Test


1. Detailed diagnostic tests include:

– Puretone audiometry – Measuring the air conduction threshold

    – Measuring the bone conduction threshold

– Speech audiometry – Speech Reception Threshold (SRT)

– Speech Discrimination Threshold (SDT)

2. Hearing aid assessment:

Based on the PTA or BERA results appropriate aid will be selected with discussion with patient.

– Aided Audiogram

– Speech Perception Evaluation

3. Paediatric Audiological Assessment

– BOA or VRA

– Condition Play Audiometry



4. Immittance Audiometry:

assess the middle ear function, test includes:

– Tympanometry

– Stapedial acoustic reflex

– Eustachian Tube Function test (If needed)

– Reflex decay

5. BERA – to test the hearing

6. Neonatal hearing screening:

Universal newborn screening play a vital role in early Identification of hearing loss – OAE equipment is used to identify hearing loss.

7. Industrial Auditory Screening

8. Tinnitus Assessment and Management

9. Vestibular Assessment and Management